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Visit the machine auctions

Take a little time and visit our machine auctions, which we provide on different portals. With absolutely fair prices, you have a real chance to beat a perfect bargain!

You have a large selection available, which is completed by special machines and rarities in stock. And despite the optimal prices, like the devices before check and make sure that they are functional.

The sale takes place all over Germany and even worldwide!

Machine auctions  what you can expect from us

We hope you enjoy searching and hopefully finding your dream machine! These categories are regularly represented for you in our machine auctions.

  • Woodworking machinery
  • Gastronomy machines
  • Garden and municipal engineering
  • Compressors
  • Metalworking machines
  • Construction machines
  • Industrial machinery
  • Machine tool

You would like to make use of our machine purchase? We make it very easy for you: Fill out the form and let us know. We pay you competitive prices and advise you personally under 0711 / 55 34 26 58.

We are your professional partner and make processes fast and smoothly!

Your A-Z Maschinenwelt Team

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