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CNC machining center

FORMAT 4 H350 16.30 CNC 5-axis machining center

CNC 5-axis machining center

CNC 5-axis machining center
Manufacturer: FORMAT 4
Type: H350 16.30
Year of manufacture: 2017
Machine with top equipment
Cardanic 5-axis electrospindle: 12 kW
Machine software: WOODFLSH
18-position plate changer travelling in X H350L
Pickup place for saw blade travelling in X for a 350 saw blade
Chip deflector and 9-position linear tool changer
5 color optical status indicator
Bleuer LED light strip short
Safety system with tread mats incl. pendulum operation
Automatic central lubrication
Portal driven from both sides
Drill head DH 18 6H 1S
Controlled central exhaust
6 workpiece supports with front and rear stop row
Positioning display of the workpiece supports and vacuum cups via laser
One vacuum connection for template milling work

Vacuum system 90m³/hr.
Protective grid on the left side of the machine
Closed cable trailing in X and Y travel
Controlled compressed air connection for frame clamps
Vacuum and air pressure release for 6 workpiece supports
Protective grid on the right side of the machine
Mobile operating terminal instead of fixed operating terminal
Lamello Clamex P Macro AB WD FLASH
Notching macro F4
Design body generator (drawing software)
Incl. complete drilling head equipment
Incl. 12 pieces vacuum suction cups
X: 3005 mm
Y: 1550 mm
Z: 250 mm
Machine in absolute top condition with very few operating hours
Available from approx. middle of March 2023
Total dimensions: approx. 8000 x 2500 x 2400 mm
Total weight: approx. 6000 kg

Drilling machines


Other woodworking machines

FORMAT4 PERFECT 710 Edge banding machine

Edge banding machine

Edge banding machine
Manufacturer: FORMAT4
Type: PERFECT 710
Year of manufacture: 2013
Operating voltage: 400 V
frequency: 50 Hz
Rated current: 28 A
Connection: 11 kW
Incl. second glue pot
Total dimensions: 4900 x 1100 x 1600 mm
Total weight: approx. 3500 kg
Technical data and equipment:
Bj. 07/2013
very well maintained machine and fully operational and top equipment!!!
fully controlled machine 100% from the display via servo motors 1/100 exactly adjustable
Machine fully PU glue capable, with all preparations for it
e-Motion control for each of the aggregates
pneumatic insertion lock at the pressure beam
operating hours recording Multiuser
preparation for retrofitting of a premelter

Workpiece feeding and feeding ruler e-motion from the display
joining aggregate 1,1 kW, diamond cutter Z2
Spraying of release agent for PU gluing
Pneumatically controlled gluing unit
Infrared heating lamp for preheating the boards
Pneumatic controlled pressing unit e-motion
Cross-cut saw unit e-motion with two motors
Upper combi-milling unit e-motion
Lower combi-milling unit e-motion
Pn. controlled moving away of the combi-milling aggregate.
Multiple tracing rollers for the processing of pot belt
Multiple tracing rollers instead of tracing shoe Combination milling unit
Pn. gest. Moving away of the radius scraper unit
Surface scraper
Lubricant spraying device for sensitive materials
Spraying of cleaning agent before polishing unit
Polishing unit
additional 2nd alternating glue tank for PU gluing
machine size L=5200 mm, with roller plate x 900 mm
machine weight 2500 kg

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