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DOOSAN PUMA TL2000M CNC turning center

CNC turning center

CNC turning center 
Manufacturer: DOOSAN
Type: PUMA TL2000M
Year of manufacture: 2007 
Serial number: PTL20M0030
Main spindle motor: 22 kW
Total electrical power supply: 44,6 kVA
turning diameter over bed: 600 mm 
Turning diameter over slide: 440 mm 
Recommended turning diameter: 210 mm 
Max. Turning diameter: 350 mm 
Max. Turning length: 600/1000 mm
Max. bar diameter Bar diameter: 65 mm
X: 250 mm
Z: 650 mm
spindle speed: 5000 rpm 
spindle bearing diameter: 110 mm 
spindle bore diameter: 76 mm

Number of tool stations:
Upper turrets: 12 pieces 
Lower turrets: 8 pieces 
outer tool size: 25 mm
boring bar diameter: 40 mm 
Switching time: 0,15 sec
quill diameter: 100 mm 
quill travel: 120 mm
Rapid traverse:
X: 20 m/min 
Z: 24 m/min 
The machine is equipped with a chip conveyor of the manufacturer LNS as well as a bar loader probably LNS furthermore a tailstock, a three-jaw chuck as well as the upper tool turret with driven tool stations furthermore the machine has a C-axis
jaw chuck diameter: 200 mm
overall dimensions: 8000 x 2000 x 2300 mm 
total weight: approx. 9000 kg 
Expected to be available from June 2023

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