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Metal working machines


DOOSAN PUMA TL2000M CNC turning center

CNC turning center

CNC turning center 
Manufacturer: DOOSAN
Type: PUMA TL2000M
Year of manufacture: 2007 
Serial number: PTL20M0030
Main spindle motor: 22 kW
Total electrical power supply: 44,6 kVA
turning diameter over bed: 600 mm 
Turning diameter over slide: 440 mm 
Recommended turning diameter: 210 mm 
Max. Turning diameter: 350 mm 
Max. Turning length: 600/1000 mm
Max. bar diameter Bar diameter: 65 mm
X: 250 mm
Z: 650 mm
spindle speed: 5000 rpm 
spindle bearing diameter: 110 mm 
spindle bore diameter: 76 mm

Number of tool stations:
Upper turrets: 12 pieces 
Lower turrets: 8 pieces 
outer tool size: 25 mm
boring bar diameter: 40 mm 
Switching time: 0,15 sec
quill diameter: 100 mm 
quill travel: 120 mm
Rapid traverse:
X: 20 m/min 
Z: 24 m/min 
The machine is equipped with a chip conveyor of the manufacturer LNS as well as a bar loader probably LNS furthermore a tailstock, a three-jaw chuck as well as the upper tool turret with driven tool stations furthermore the machine has a C-axis
jaw chuck diameter: 200 mm
overall dimensions: 8000 x 2000 x 2300 mm 
total weight: approx. 9000 kg 
Expected to be available from June 2023


CNC Lathe

Manufacturer: SPINNER
Year of construction: 2019
With bar loader
Manufacturer: TOP
Type: XFS365SX
Bar loader dead weight: 2500 kg
Automatic bar loader
Automatic bar profile diameter change process
Lathe is equipped with main spindle, counter spindle and 3 turrets
Turrets can accommodate driven tools
X1, X3: 180 mm
X2: 180 mm
Y1, Y3: +/- 45 mm
Z1, Z3: 704 mm
Z2: 620 mm
E2: 720 mm
Rapid traverse X, Y, Z: 30 m/min
Acceleration: 0.5 g
Spindle 1: 
Max. Speed: 5000 rpm
Spindle nose A6
Spindle bore: 65 mm
Chuck diameter: 210 mm
Drive power: max. 24 kW/18 kW (S3 40%/S1)

Torque: max. 151 Nm/115 Nm (S3 40%/S1) 
Spindle 2: 
Max. Speed: 7000 rpm
Spindle nose diameter: 110 mm
Spindle bore: 42 mm
Max. Chuck diameter: 140 mm
Power (max. FANUC): S3 25% 4.3 kW
Torque (max. FANUC): S3 25% 13.6 Nm
Documentation is available in digital form
Accessories for the machine: various tool holders (see pictures) including driven tool holders
Manufacturer: HEIMATEC
Serial number: 8893/18:01
Part number: 803945090
I = 1:1
N max. = 8000 rpm
Other driven tools Manufacturer HEIMATEC
Partnumber: 803045262
Serial number: 8901/18:01
I = 1:1
N max. = 6000 rpm
T max. = 50 Nm
One VDI 30 adapter and various other turning tool holders and driven tools
Important note: the tools on the pallet are as good as new
The tool holders shown in the drawer are in used condition
Total dimensions: 10000 x 2200 x 2300 mm 
Total weight: approx. 10000 kg

Milling machines

CNC machining center

DECKEL MAHO DMC60 T CNC machining center

CNC machining center 

Manufacturer: DECKEL MAHO 
Type: DMC60 T
Year of manufacture: 2004
Serial number: 11430000953
Spindle hours: 17445
Feed speed X-, Y-, Z-axis: 20 - 15000 mm/min 
Rapid traverse X-, Y-, Z-axis: 15 m/min 
Position measuring system: 
Resolution X-, Y-, Z-axis: 0.001 mm 
Position tolerance X-, Y-, Z-axis: 0.01 mm 
Travel paths: 
X-axis: 780 mm 
Y-axis: 560 mm 
Z-axis: 560 mm 
Work spindle: HSK-A63 
Number of magazine positions: 60 
Max. Tool diameter when all slots are occupied: 80 mm 
With free neighboring slots: 160 mm 
Max. Tool length from spindle nose: 315 mm 

Max. Tool weight: 8 kg 
Pallet changer: 
Number of pallets: 2
Permissible load of the pallet changer: 
One-sided: 400 kg 
On both sides: 800 kg 
With NC rotary table 
Clamping surface, pallet: 500 x 630 mm 
With T-slots 
Permissible load of the table: 400 kg 
Rotary feed: 7200°/min 
Max. Table top revolutions: 30 rpm 
Spindle speed: 12000 rpm 
The accessories or clamping block + device which is mounted on the NC rotary table is not included in the scope of delivery and sale 
Important note: without U-axis mounted on the spindle 
With technical documentation as shown in the pictures 
Transport dimensions with dismantled magazine: approx. 2400 mm 
Overall dimensions: 5200 x 3400 x 2400 mm 
Total weight: approx. 11000 kg 

EDM machines


HAAS Multigrind-AF CNC tool grinding machine

CNC tool grinding machine

Manufacturer: HAAS
Type: Multigrind-AF
Year of manufacture: 2004
Serial number: 2786
Control: SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D/additional program "Sequence list" 
Technical data (without guarantee): 
X-axis: 400 mm
Y-axis: 270 mm
Z-axis: 250 mm
A-axis (dividing head): 360°
C-axis (spindle axis) 

Tool changer: 
Number of tools: 4
Grinding spindle: 
HSK 50/12 kW max./8000 rpm
ncl. ram handling
Incl. the tool clamping device (SK 50 holder) which can be seen in the last pictures.
Important note: without centrifuge and oil tank
Coolant system not included in the scope of delivery and sale.
Also without the clamping device for workpieces shown in the photos and videos.
Total dimensions: 2350 x 1750 x 2800 mm
Total weight: approx. 7500 kg

Sawing machines

Drilling machines

Sheet metal working machines

Measuring machines

Pressing and punching

Other metalworking machines

MULTIMATIC BW 1000 Chemical cleaning plant

Chemical cleaning plant

Chemical cleaning plant
Manufacturer: MULTIMATIC
Type: BW 1000
Year: 2016
Filling capacity 50 kg 
Drum filling capacity 995 l

Drum diameter 1300 mm
Drum depth 750 mm
Drum speed for cleaning 24 rpm, for spinning 343 rpm
Loading door diameter 650 mm
machine number BP 5016135
including METATRON measuring computer and distillation unit
Attention: technical data without guarantee

MULTIMATIC BW 1000 Chemical cleaning plant

Chemical cleaning plant

Chemical cleaning plant
Manufacturer: MULTIMATIC
Type: BW 1000
Year of manufacture: 2018
Filling capacity 50 kg
Drum filling capacity 995 l
Drum diameter 1300 mm

Drum depth 750 mm
Drum speed for cleaning 24 rpm, for spinning 343 rpm
Loading door diameter 650 mm
machine number BP 5018095
including METATRON measuring computer
Attention: The machine was connected to a central distillation unit. 
This is not included in the scope of delivery.

TRUMPF TCL 4050 Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine 

Laser cutting machine 
Manufacturer: TRUMPF
Type: TCL 4050
Year of manufacture: 2003
Machine number: A0250A0048
Operating voltage: 400 V
frequency: 50 Hz 
Rated current: 151 A
Connection: 105 kVA
X: 4000 mm
Y: 2000 mm 
Z: 115 mm 
Max. plate thickness for mild steel: 25 mm
Max. Workpiece weight: 1800 kg 
Max. Axis speed: 
Axis parallel: 200 m/min 
Simultaneous: approx. 300 m/min 
Max. Axis acceleration: 16 m/s²

Smallest programmable displacement: 0.001 mm 
Position deviation: 0.05 mm 
Average position displacement: 0.03 mm 
Max. Laser power: 5000 W
Consumption values of laser gas: 
CO2: 1 L/min 
N2: 6 L/min 
He: 13 L/min 
Read operating hours: 
Beam on: 27451
Laser on: 49189
Incl. a shuttle table as well as another laser head and various nozzles 
Attention: the machine can only be transported by truck with special permit 
Total dimensions: 13000 x 5400 x 2400 mm 
Total weight: approx. 14000 kg 

HEBÖ RBV-12SV Railing drilling machine

Railing drilling machine

Manufacturer: HEBÖ 
Type: RBV-12SV
Year of manufacture: 2014
Machine number: HG-0114-5102
Power: 5 kW
Engine speed: 2800 rpm
Drive speed: 2250 rpm
A-weighted equivalent continuous sound pressure level: 71 dB (A) 

Diameter of the chuck: 125 mm
Clamping length: max. approx. 3300 mm
With accessories as shown in the pictures
Including SK 40 holders with tools, a drill chuck, etc. 
Digital documentation available
Total dimensions: 4250 x 1800 x 1650
Total weight: approx. 500 kg

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